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Cre8tive Energy

Aquarius Zodiac

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Each zodiac has top crystals that are best suited for them. 

* January 20th  -  February 18th *

Hematite: Since Aquarians are healers, Hematite protects against negative energy by purging it before it comes closer to you. It puts up a circumferential barrier of positive and healing energy.

Rose Quartz: Since Aquarius is known to heal, they are naturally compassionate and sympathetic and have the ability to heal oneself as well as help other people. Since Aquarius tends to help others so often, they tend to overlook their own personal needs. The Rose Quartz helps them reconnect with their emotions if they’re feeling disconnected. It increases their self-acceptance, self-confidence, and appreciation for their current situation.

Gold Pyrite: This stone is perfect for those business-minded Aquarians. It helps keep them motivated, enhances the ability to achieve goals, enhances manifestation for prosperity, bravery and courage. 

Amethyst: Amethyst helps Aquarians connect with their intuition and spiritual direction. This allows Aquarius to be able to decide the best course of action for their new future. Amethyst helps aid in making proper and wise decisions that will benefit your future. 

Black Onyx: Aquarians are known to be over-thinkers, resulting in depression and anxiety. With this stone, weaknesses may be turned into strengths, anxieties can be reduced, the nerves can be calmed and healthy relationships are encouraged.

Note: If you want the glass beads to be switched out for clear quartz, there is an option to upgrade.