Care Instructions-Crystal Bracelets

Cre8tive Energy bracelets are hand-made with gemstone beads. Natural gemstones can absorb the negative energy in their environment so it is important that you keep your bracelets clean, cleansed, and charged so you can benefit from their healing energy all day long. With this in mind, all Cre8tive Energy's bracelets are thoroughly cleansed and charged before they are shipped so they are ready for you to use for healing, protection and manifestation. 
Here are a few tips on caring for your bracelets so you can keep them looking beautiful and benefit from their healing properties.

How to care for your crystal bracelet on a daily basis:

  • Keep your bracelet dry

Your bracelet is not meant to be worn in the water. Minerals and chlorine added to most tap water and swimming pools can harm the natural stones and metal spacer beads. If you accidentally wear your bracelet while your hands are submerged in water, make sure to dry them off right away.
  • Take off your bracelet before working out

Your crystal bracelet is meant for everyday wear however, to avoid scratching the natural stones or overly stretching the elastic cord, we recommend that you take off your bracelet before working out or doing anything really active.
  • Protect your bracelet from harsh chemicals

Lotions, harsh soaps, and even sweat can create build-up and discoloration between the crystals. If you are cleaning with household cleaners, applying lotions and oils, makeup, hair spray, or perfume, take off your bracelet until you are done. 
  • Store your bracelet in a clean, dry place

You can also store your bracelet inside of a jewelry box or other clean, dry place.
  • Clean your bracelet with warm water and a mild soap when needed

If you see any discoloration or build up on or in between your beads you may clean your bracelet with warm water and a mild soap. Gently scrub the beads with a wet soft cloth and a tiny amount of a mild soap. Rinse under warm water, and dry gently with a clean soft cloth.

 Why is cleansing your crystal bracelet important?

Cleansing the energy of your bracelet is just as important as keeping it physically clean. Crystals are naturally extracted from the earth and therefore naturally retain the energies of the sun, moon and the ocean which are all considered natural healing energies. Depending on the type of minerals they are made from and the specific conditions they grow in, each healing stone also holds its own unique energy and has magnetic tendencies that arise from their molecular composition. These unique properties allow crystals to communicate with the energy flow of the human body as well as their physical environment, absorbing negative energies and blockages all day long. To keep your crystal bracelet high vibe and ensure that you benefit from their healing powers, it is important that you cleanse their energy on a regular basis.


 How often do I need to cleanse my bracelet?

The more you wear your bracelet the more energy it collects through direct contact with you and your environment. It's best to cleanse it at least once a month to make sure it stays high vibe. However, I always recommend using your intuition as much as possible. If your bracelet feels energetically heavier than usual and disconnected from you, it is most likely time for a cleanse.
  •  Cleansing Method Options:

Here are just a few ways you can cleanse your bracelet. 
  1. Full Moonlight - Leave your bracelet under the full moon overnight. 
  2. Smudging- Use the smoke of Sage or Palo Santo to cleanse your bracelet. 
  3. Selenite, Amethyst or Quartz Crystal- Since these crystals have the ability to purify other crystals, without losing their energy, they have the ability to cleanse the energy from the bracelets. Leave your bracelet on these crystals overnight.