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Cre8tive Energy

Aries Zodiac

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Each zodiac has top crystals that are best suited for them. 

* March 21st - April 19th *

Bloodstone: This will sharpen your intuition and help you predict the future. With Bloodstone’s grounding capabilities, it also helps Aries who always feel emotional, angry, and flustered. If you meditate with Bloodstone, it will help you feel calm and bring positive energy.

Clear Quartz: Aries can be quite passionate when it comes to achieving what they desire. They can bulldoze full force ahead without considering other people at all. Clear Quartz can be helpful because it has a calming effect on Aries and helps them slow down a bit. 

Amethyst: It dispels the negative energies of stress and worries from your mind and body. It gives you time to breathe and helps you slow down. The biggest benefit of using Amethyst as an Aries is that it instills an element of spirituality in oneself. They gain mastery over their thoughts and emotions and are able to develop a much more relaxed and holistic approach towards life.

Carnelian: This stone helps ground and assists in thinking clearly, which is needed for Aries who find it difficult to control their emotions and reign in their energy. If you feel your brain feels scattered, Carnelian is great for meditation to help create balance and peace. 

Note: If you want the glass beads to be switched out for clear quartz, there is an option to upgrade.