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Cre8tive Energy

Gemini Zodiac

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Each zodiac has top crystals that are best suited for them. 

* May 21st - June 21st *

Tiger's Eye: This stone helps enable you to eliminate all the negative thoughts in your mind which will help get rid of  anxiety, fear, and self-doubt.

Apatite: This stone can boost your creativity and imagination, which helps bring  brilliant ideas and boost your creativity. It can also help a Gemini to be more communicative and social.

Agate: This stone can be the best crystal for a Gemini. This can bring harmony and balance to your home. If  you are surrounded by negative powers, you can consider using this stone. It will attract good energies into your mind and body. As it is a Gemini stone, you can expect enhanced benefits that will neutralize the negative energy and bring composure and calm to your nerves.

Hematite: This stone enables users to be benefited from the calm vibrations of the earth. If you are having difficulties getting rid of excessive negative energy, hematite is a must-try stone. . Hematite can help Gemini's balance their energies. Once you use this stone, there will be no anxiety and restfulness.

Amethyst: This crystal is purifying, healing, and protective. It  can eliminate all the negative thoughts in your mind. It will attract spiritual wisdom, sincerity, and humility. In addition to these, you will get sleeping benefits. The crystal can help to treat insomnia and other sleeping concerns.

Note: If you want the glass beads to be switched out for clear quartz, there is an option to upgrade.