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Cre8tive Energy

Leo Zodiac

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Each zodiac has top crystals that are best suited for them.

* July 22nd - August 22nd *

Tiger's Eye: Tiger's Eye benefits a Leo’s creativity and willpower while balancing their emotions. This crystal is powerful for successful business dealings, which enables Leo to achieve a high standard of living. Since Leo’s are determined go-getters, Tiger’s Eye will sharpen their focus and intuition and help them achieve their goals even faster, allowing them to be confident and fearless.

Yellow Citrine: This stone promotes a good quality of sleep, allowing Leos to turn off their minds, rest well, and have a productive day the next day. Leos are determined to be successful, so Citrine helps to promote success and the flow of money. Especially for business owners and entrepreneurs as Citrine helps attract business success.

Hematite: Supports the energetic and action-oriented Leo with a calm yet determined energy.

Carnelian: This stone is the most successful with Leo's. It brings confidence, positive energy, and courage to face challenges. Carnelian is perfect for successfully going through difficult circumstances. This powerful crystal purifies the mind of negative thoughts and can help Leos meditate and clear their minds.

Tourmaline: This is the best Leo crystal because it offers them protection on the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual levels by transforming negative energy into positive energy.

Note: If you want the glass beads to be switched out for clear quartz, there is an option to upgrade.