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Cre8tive Energy

Strength and Good Luck Mala

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This Tibetan-style Mala features Grade AAA Eagle Eye Stone, AAA Rare Chiastolite, and Carnelian.

The symbolism of the elephant is strength, compassion and good luck. Elephants are known to always be there and protect their families and other elephants, especially in their times of despair.

They are mentally and physically strong, making them resilient and full of wisdom.

They are also known to bring Good Luck, fortune, longevity, and success.

AAA Eagle Eye Stone- Confidence/Enhances the power of strong will

AAA Rare Chiastolite- Strength/Power/Perseverance/ Calming/Protects against negativity

Carnelian- Enhances energy/Creativity/Motivation/Vitality


MANTRA: "I am strong, I am capable, I am kind. My glass is always half full. Prosperity comes to me easily"

This Mala has been charged and sealed with intention.

It will come in a beautiful velvet bag and will have the stone meanings, as well as how to use your Mala.

The thread used on this piece is Nylon for those who are against silk.