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Cre8tive Energy

The Ultimate Stack

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This stunning and unique stack contains everything you will need for the upmost protection, enhance in creativity, confidence and more! These are also Grade AAA stones, which insures some of the best quality. 

What is included:

1) 8mm Grade AAA Red Brecciated Jasper

1) 8mm Grade AAA Pyrite 

1) 6mm Grade AAA Red Goldstone

1) 8mm Grade AAA Red Goldstone

1) 8mm Grade AAA Clear Quartz

1) 6mm Grade AAA Clear Quartz

 1) 6mm Gold Beaded Brass 

1) 4mm Gold Beaded Brass 

1) 8mm Grade AAA Gold Pyrite and Grade AAA Red Jasper


Red Brecciated Jasper is said to provide mental clarity and focus to its wearer. It is said to help with organization, which will reduce stress. Jasper is also known for its calming and grounding abilities.


Pyrite is said to be one of the best shields to use against EMF's and all shades of negative attacks.

Best used for: protection against bad energy and psychic attacks, raising confidence levels especially in leadership roles, cutting out negative thought patterns, and clearing the lower chakras.


Clear Quartz is all about cleansing and positive vibes.

Best used for: supporting professionals in the artistic community, musicians, those who work in media fields and doctors. It is said to be useful in the treatment of migraine headaches, vertigo, or motion sickness.


 Red Goldstone is said to increase drive and confidence. A gently uplifting stone that promotes vitality and positivity.